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It is a great tool, keeping people from stepping off into the manhole and it sticks out so people will see it.


Mark Besancon
Supervisor, Indian River County Utilities


A must have for my underground service contractor. Increases visibility and safety of the worksite, especially in high traffic pedestrian areas. No more lost tools! No more injuries from people inadvertantly stepping in an open hole. Good job Guys!!


Steve Bichler
B&B Environmental



Use a Manhole Guard for Open Manhole Safety

     The Manhole Guard is a product of Southern Sewer Equipment Sales. Southern Sewer is continually evaluating the response from its customers and bringing accessories and special designs to market as the need is shown.

Current Options Include:

     The Manhole Guard was originally designed for the sewer industry. As the product began to appear on the streets, inquiries began to come in from many additional utilities including telephone, electric, water, cable tv, natural gas and others. The Manhole Guard has already become a darling to the risk management department at many municipalities and promises to become a standard for every open manhole. For more information or suggestions on additional options or uses, please fill out our contact form.